1. Does the company arrange domestic shipments?

Yes, we can.

2. Can I import a car from overseas?

Yes, cars can be imported, provided that the correct documentation and statutory requirements are in place, which we will assist you with.

3. Is it possible to ship only 2 boxes weighing 5kgs each?

Yes you may ship any amount of goods, no matter how big or small it may be.

4. What will it cost to import a container of clothing from China?

All shipment have specific charges, an estimation cannot be given, it depends on the product being shipped, the value of the cargo and what grade or quality the goods are made of, all goods are classified according to its unique tariff code which are subject to their specific duty structures. Contact us for a free quotation.

5. Does your company do Airfreight Cargo?

Yes we specialise in both Air and Sea freight.

6. Do you handle export of Scrap Metal?

Yes, we provide specialised service to a few major scrap metal clients.

7. We want to import and export but we are not registered?

This is part of our service; we assist all clients in applying and obtaining the necessary license to Import and Export.

8. Do you arrange insurance when exporting my goods?

Yes we arrange insurance for all types of goods should the client require it.